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Daily Schedule


A typical day begins with an hour of learning at the yeshiva, studying the laws of Shabbat, the weekly Torah portion, Mishna and other topics. Each participant then studies in the beit midrash with a different havruta study partner from the yeshiva.

In the afternoons the young men gain work experience through a variety of highly-supervised job placements in the Gush Etzion area. Placements include a winery, a plant nursery, the kitchen of a yeshiva and local public libraries. In addition, they are extremely involved in chessed activities, such as sorting and distributing clothing in a warehouse that provides clothing for the needy.

In addition to studying at the yeshiva, program participants join the rest of the overseas students on tiyulim across Israel and on Shabbat visits to other Israeli yeshivot. Recreational time in the local pool and gym are also an integral part of the program.

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